Junior Youth

St. Matthew’s Jr. Youth is for grades 6-8 and meets Thursday evenings every week during the school year from 6:00p – 7:30p. This group enjoys activities and projects that help promote their spirituality, enhance the parish and provide socialization in a Christian atmosphere. If you would like to register your child for Edge, please click the links below to fill out the necessary forms.


2019-2020 Edge Registration Form

2019-2020 Edge Permission Slip & Medical Release Forms

Child Photography Release Form


Here are the guidelines for St. Matthew's Edge After School Social

To help lessen the burden for parents our Edge Ministry offers and Edge after school social. The social starts right after school and leads directly into the Edge Night which lasts from 6pm-7:30pm.

  1. Teen must be a registered Edge student – there are registration forms in the Formation/Youth office or download them here (insert an extra registration link here)!
  2. Edge After School Social is intended for teens that will be attending Edge during that same night. If teen will not be attending Edge - they must receive approval from Ms. Emilie to attend the social.
  3. All teens must be signed up to participate in Edge’s After School Social – registration will always be open until 2pm that Thursday. If for some reason you cannot get the link to work please let me know! I can sign up your teen. You can sign them up here (insert Signup Genius link here)

            -or- fill out the form attached at the bottom and return to Ms. Emilie.

  1. Teen is not to go between St. Matthew's School After Care and Edge After School Social. Wherever they start at is where they will be. 
  2. Dinner is NOT included this year. Teen should bring $$ for dinner (usually order pizza, Panera, Chinese, etc.) or bring their dinner.

During the social we watch movies, play games, and go to the playground... we pretty much just hang out until the start of Edge at 6pm!

If you have any questions contact Ms. Emilie at 559-3305 or at [email protected]